TEFL Certificate

  • Get an internationally recognized certificate in 4 weeks
  • Over 140 contact hours
  • Accomodation included in price
  • Experience with a variety of levels and ages

TEFL volunteer teach

  • As for the TEFL certification, AND
  • Teaching experience with immediate volunteer placement
  • Assist in the local community
  • Accomodation included in price

Language exchange

  • Experience teaching with all ages and levels
  • Daily Spanish lessons with experienced teachers
  • Total immersion experience with homestays


  • Language Exchange
  • TEFL Certification
  • Spanish Course

Language Exchange Program

This was my first teaching experience and it was great.  I had loads of support from the administration, and really loved my students and host family! Mark Holloway, Brighton, England
I had never taught kids before, and I was terrified.  But the staff, the students, the parents, and fellow teachers were all really helpful and it was one of the best teaching experiences I have had so far. Lisa Kraft, Maine, USA

Teaching and studying at Dunham Institute was definitely rewarding.  I had a great Spanish teacher, and my students were lovely.  The host family was gracious and welcoming and I learned how to make tamales! Susan Robbins, Vancouver, Canada
Chiapa de Corzo was a great town to learn Spanish, and the exchange program gave me good teaching experience.  I never would have been exposed to such a diverse group of students if I hadn´t taken the job at Dunham Institute.  The homestays were the best part! Sandy Wellmark, New Jersey, USA


TEFL Certification Program

I got just what I wanted from the TEFL course at Dunham Institute.  I taught children, teens and adults, and all different levels.  Chiapa de Corzo is a small and intimate, a great place to study. Amy Thomas, Cambridge, England
The Dunham Institute TEFL course was intensive, but I still had time to travel and fall in love with Chiapas.  The host families were sweet, the students really enthusiastic, and the course really prepared me for getting up in front of a group. Tom Stevens, Florida, USA
I had no idea what I was in for with TEFL and the experience at Dunham was a fantastic introduction to the English teaching world.  Although I now mainly teach Business English, I often have to resource back to the skills that I learned while at Dunham Institute. Elizabeth Snow, Sydney Australia
Ok, don’t ever try to teach English without some sort of training.  I found out the hard way that it is really stressful and almost traumatic.  Luckily, Dunham Institute was 20 minutes away, and I got some great training and preparation in a really helpful, educational, and low stress environment.  I was able to get my old job back in Tuxtla after the training and my whole experience changed drastically.  Kids classes are so much fun now!

Brian Wallace, Oklahoma, USA 
I went to work right away after my training, and found I was a lot more prepared than any of my new teacher co-workers.  The TEFL course at Dunham Institute is really practical and I learned how to teach all ages and all levels.  The overall environment at Dunham is relaxed and friendly, you soon feel at ease.  Chiapa de Corzo is an easy town to get along in, and there aren’t that many distractions, so studying was easy, too. Linda Barrister, Ontario, Canada


Spanish Course

I could count from 1 to 10 and knew a few colors when I arrived in Chiapa de Corzo, and after a month I was speaking in the past tense. Sarah Monaghan, Idaho, USA
Great teachers, great homestays, great pueblo! Stan Ivansson, Yorkshire, England
My wife and I stayed 8 weeks in Chiapa de Corzo, at Dunham Institute.  We were at different levels and the staff and teachers had no problem accommodating us.  It´s a wonderful little school in a wonderful little town. Steve Hudson, Ontario, Canada
Dunham Institute and Chiapa de Corzo was one of the friendliest experiences I´ve had in Mexico.  Talk to the ladies in the market, that´s a great Spanish lesson in itself! Tania Hudson, Oregon, USA
My first time in Mexico and I ended up in Chiapa de Corzo.  It was an amazing introduction to a culture, a language, and a community completely foreign to me.  I was worried about not speaking any Spanish, worried about the homestays, worried about the local community´s reaction to me, and on and on.  But within 24 hours I had nothing to worry about.  Everyone was so welcoming and helpful.  I highly recommend going. Laura Betters, Washington DC, USA