TEFL Certificate

  • Get an internationally recognized certificate in 4 weeks
  • Over 140 contact hours
  • Accomodation included in price
  • Experience with a variety of levels and ages

TEFL volunteer teach

  • As for the TEFL certification, AND
  • Teaching experience with immediate volunteer placement
  • Assist in the local community
  • Accomodation included in price

Language exchange

  • Experience teaching with all ages and levels
  • Daily Spanish lessons with experienced teachers
  • Total immersion experience with homestays

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Language Exchange
  • TEFL Certification
  • Home Stay

Language Exchange Program

  1. Does the language exchange program have a cost? 
    No, there is no cost for this program, but there is no salary either. You will have to support yourself for 5 months while living in Chiapa de Corzo.   
  2. Are meals included in the language exchange program? 
    No, there are no meals included in any of the programs that Dunham Institute offers. You have full use of the family kitchen to cook and a place to keep your groceries.  
  3. Do I need to be TEFL certified to participate in this program? 
    Yes, you must be TEFL or the equivalent certified.   
  4. Is there a minimum time commitment that you expect? 
    Yes, you must be able to make 5 month commitment; that is the length of our semester.   
  5. How many teachers do you hire a semester? 
    Between 3 and 4.   
  6. How do I apply? 
    Simply complete our online application form or email us a resume detailing your educational background, when and where you were certified, date of birth, any related teaching experience, hobbies and interests and a color photo, preferably the photo page of your passport.  


TEFL Certification Program

  1. How long does the course take? 
    4 weeks. Each day is usually broken up into 2 hours of theory, 3 hours of lesson planning, 1 hour of getting familiar with material, and then homework time.  
  2. How is the course broken down on a daily basis? 
    Basically you will be in the classroom seeing teaching theory and lesson planning for 2 hours a day in the morning. Then in the afternoon you will spend 3 hours observing and critiquing lessons taught by veteran and novice teachers. You will spend about an hour a day on your own looking through material that is available to teachers and getting to know how to use it. You may have 1-2 hours of homework a day, as well.  
  3. Will I have any problems getting hired with a certificate from Dunham Institute? 
    We have never had a teacher be turned down for a job because his/her certificate was unacceptable. We abide by all the international standards for certifying potential teachers. You will be given a certificate, a letter of evaluation stating your grade and strengths and weaknesses, and a letter of recommendation. This is sufficient to get hired in any language school.  
  4. How do I apply? 
    Simply complete our online application form or send us a resume, detailing your education background, date of birth and any work experience you may have. The best way is to send all this by e-mail.  
  5. What does TEFL stand for? 
    TEFL means Teaching English as a Foreign Language. There are many acronyms in the English teaching world. Here are some more:   
    TESOL- Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
    TESL- Teaching English as a Second Language
    ESL- English as a Second Language
    TOEFL- Teachers Of English as a Foreign Language also Test Of English as a Foreign Language
    CELTA- Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults 


Home Stay Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much do home stays cost? 
    Home stays are included in the price of all the courses that we offer. You do not have to pay extra. However, meals are not included, you must cook for yourself.  
  2. How do the families feel about us cooking in their homes? 
    Usually you have very different schedules, so there is no conflict of who is to cook or of anyone getting in each other's way. All families are experienced host families and have no problems with you using their kitchen.   
  3. Can arrangements be made to eat with the family instead of having the cooking privilege? 
    Yes, but that is a case by case basis. We will gladly assist in any special arrangements that you want to make.