TEFL Certificate

  • Get an internationally recognized certificate in 4 weeks
  • Over 140 contact hours
  • Accomodation included in price
  • Experience with a variety of levels and ages

TEFL volunteer teach

  • As for the TEFL certification, AND
  • Teaching experience with immediate volunteer placement
  • Assist in the local community
  • Accomodation included in price

Language exchange

  • Experience teaching with all ages and levels
  • Daily Spanish lessons with experienced teachers
  • Total immersion experience with homestays

About Us

Dunham Institute

We started Dunham Institute out of a desire to make a productive, independent living. Being qualified English teachers, with years of experience teaching, we were ready to venture out on our own with no bosses looking over our shoulders, waiting for the week´s lesson plans. The two big fears were where to do it and how to do it with a very low budget (we were full time teachers, after all!).

So, we happened upon Chiapa de Corzo on a day trip out of Tuxtla. As luck would have it, we arrived in the middle of the Feria de Enero, so we got a real taste for the culture and traditions. For us it was perfect; small, friendly, welcoming, and no huge corporate, chain schools for competition.

Our first semester consisted of 4 students and one teacher. Our second semester we jumped to 30 students and 2 teachers, and our third semester celebrated the official start of the language exchange program with 3 teachers and 45 students. This program allowed us to keep the costs to the local English students to a minimum and at the same time create some income to the community by employing local Spanish teachers and local homestay families. This arrangement has worked so well that very few changes have been made over the years.

Where we do make changes is in our English language teaching curriculum. We try to keep the curriculum fresh with updated textbooks and the latest in resource material for the teachers. This is reflected in the dynamic, entertaining and engaging way that the classes are imparted, and could very easily sum us up; high quality fun!

Joanna Robinson